About telefind.me

telefind.me/+phonenumber means anyone can telefind.me to look up a phone number. For instance:

  • to find more information about a property or car or boat for sale
  • to find out more about a holiday rental
  • for information about an event or party
  • to make private contact with someone offering for work
  • to direct people to a company, shop or restaurant website
  • to give directions or instructions over the phone

But unlike social networking, telefind.me allows you to keep personal details private. And more importantly, doesn't need technical skills or an expensive long-term website. With telefind.me, a page can last as little as a week or as long as you need it.

Local and personal. No lock in. And no loss of privacy.

telefind.me is provided by Notanant Limited a company based in Bristol in the UK with connections in Catalonia, Spain. Notanant has been creating and developing web application projects since 2003 including our own fully-featured content-managed and social networking platform

We created telefind.me because many people, particularly in non-English speaking parts of the world, still use just phone numbers to advertise and promote properties for sale, offer work, leave contact messages or to announce their company.

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Notanant Limited is based at Park House, Park Street, Bristol UK and is registered in England No 05732577