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How it works turns your phone number into a web-page which means you can promote and sell houses, cars, services just by sharing your phone number.

  1. To start enter your phone number on the main page and click Go.
  2. If your page is new, choose Make Page
  3. Create your page - add images, change the font and layout and add a background
  4. Once your done, we'll send a password by email for editing and to pick up messages
  5. We send you an SMS to confirm the number is yours
  6. After confirmation, choose the subscription package that works best for you.
  7. Share your page. If you need to you can edit as much as you want.
  8. Subscribers can have their page included in the directory for free (subject to approval)
  9. Your page can be found at

Logos for Marketing


For peace of mind, payments are handled by Paypal. does not handle payments directly.

You can cancel at any time - there is no minimum period, but we don't refund for unused part periods. is a hosting service - content is your responsibility, however...

  • We do require your page to be legal, honest and decent.
  • If you want to include a link to a website, or an email or other contact link, no problem.
  • If you have things for sale, make sure you meet your local advertising and distance sales laws and regulations.
  • If visitors complain about your page we will investigate and may block the page.
  • Material deemed offensive, explicit, illegal, abusive or created without consent will be blocked.

We don't use the data you provide for marketing or supply it to third parties.

Pages are hosted at our discretion. More details are available in the terms and conditions

Attempts at hacking, abuse, or violation of the rules will lead to users being banned.

Prices are just $2.99 per week, or $8.95 per month